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Moduleo - Layred Wood Collection - Country Oak 54875

Moduleo - Layred Wood Collection - Country Oak 54875

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LayRed, the ideal floor for renovation

LayRed is Moduleo's strongest engineered vinyl floor and designed to stand its ground in the most extreme conditions. The multi-layered floor – with integrated underlay – offers all the advantages of vinyl and adds strength to it.

You can easily lay the 6 mm thick floor over an existing, often uneven floor, without having to break out or level it. Thanks to its strong core and integrated red underlay, LayRed is able to bridge openings and unevenness in existing floors. That makes LayRed the ideal floor solution for any renovation project!

Strong yet pleasantly soft and quiet

Despite the strong features of LayRed, you definitely don't have to sacrifice comfort. A LayRed floor also feels warm and soft under your feet and limits the sound to an absolute minimum.

LayRed combines luxurious design with strong performance. This floor type is unbeatable in terms of strength and offers superior comfort at the same time. No one has so far managed to bundle all those benefits into one product. Moduleo does.

Unique engineered floor with striking red accent.

LayRed is so unique. The integrated underlay was given a recognisable red colour. From that accent you recognise LayRed, the floor with the red back.


Installation method: Engineered click
Format: Plank
Total thickness: 6.00 mm
Dimensions: 18.9 x 131.7 cm
Engineered click  1.99m2
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