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Serenity Underwood

Serenity Underwood

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SERENITY UNDERWOOD is a rubber crumb underlay which has been specially developed for use with laminate and wood flooring. It is designed to provide resilience, durability and support to protect against undue stress in wood and laminate flooring. From a relatively light weight it delivers excellent impact sound insulation and the integrated metallised scrim ensures good resistance to moisture transmission thereby eliminating the need for additional polythene sheeting.

SERENITY UNDERWOOD is manufactured mainly from a high content of recycled vehicle tyres bound in a unique latex formulation. This high content of recycled raw materials ensures that the product has strong environmental credentials.

SERENITY UNDERWOOD in both thicknesses has a low tog rating which makes it ideal for underfloor heating systems which are becoming more and more popular beneath laminate and engineered wood flooring.

High content of recycled vehicle tyres
Suitable for laminate and wood flooring
Excellent impact sound insulation properties
Ideal for underfloor heating – low tog rating
Integral moisture barrier
10m2 rolls

Only sold by the roll.

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